Watch Sugar's memorial from her mom.


Oliver and I would like to thank Doc Oehmke and all the ladies at All Creatures for all your help.Oliver was a special needs dog.He had severe trust issues.He was afraid of people.The very first time Oliver met Doc O, Doc cradled Oliver's chin and gave him a kiss! The reason Oliver was so afraid of people was because Oliver was seized from the property of Michael Vick in 2007 when authorities made the case against Vick and his dog fighting ring.Oliver came to live with us in 2009.Then, in July of 2011, Oliver became very ill.No matter what I tried, his health would not improve.I contacted a very dear friend of mine and asked her to recommend a Doctor for Oliver.Without hesitation, she said, "Doc Oehmke is the man you need".In August of 2011, I took Oliver to Doc O.Doc ran tests on Oliver and the final diagnosis was cancer.Doc O went to the end of the earth and back for Mr. Oliver.In August of 2011, Oliver was not given long to live.Doc O did not give up and he tried every single protocol to save Oliver's life and to make him comfortable.Oliver lived until February 15, 2013.On the morning of February 15, 2013, Oliver died a peaceful death in my arms.

 There are no words to express how much I appreciate everything that Doc O and all the ladies at All Creatures have done for Oliver.Each Friday before work I would take Oliver in for his chemo and his blood work and all his "Aunts" would be there waiting on him to greet him!The ladies at All Creatures would fix up Oliver's special area/pen/cage for him with a soft blanket so that he could be comfortable while I was at work and he was at the Doc's office.Oliver received the best care at All Creatures!I have all the faith in the world in Doc O and everyone at All Creatures.That says a lot, because when it would come to Oliver, I had trust issues as well!I wanted only the best care for him and everyone at All Creatures provided only the best for my baby!Everyone from the Doc, to the Tech's, to the ladies at the front desk loved and helped Oliver in so many ways!

 I am one of those people that will continue to ask as many questions as possible until I understand what is going on.Thank you to everyone for always taking the time to answer all my many, many questions.I cannot thank you enough for all you have done to help Oliver and to help me.If anyone ever asks for a referral for a Vet, my immediate answer is, "You MUST go see Doc Oehmke and everyone at All Creatures!You will get THE BEST care!"

 Thank you to everyone at All Creatures, Erika and Oliver


Thank you for being a part of Tinkerbell and our lives for the last 16 years and 9 months.As we say farewell to a close friend today, we felt blessed to be surrounded by all of you.Special thanks to Sharman for being such a good counsel and friend all these years.

With Love

Joyce and Ken Gable

Myka, Fargo and our children


All Creatures & Dr. Oehmke,

Thank you for your kind sympathies during our time of loss. The gentle care that you took of Sissy was not overlooked. Although our loss is great, your thoughts and prayers have helped us survive.

Thank you!

Christina & Clint Merchant


To Dr. Sippel, Dr. Oehmke and all staff:

Earlier today, I brought one of our two dogs, Abby, to be put to sleep. Abby has been a part of our family for about 12 years. We just felt the need to write you all a quick note to express our deep appreciation for the professional and compassionate manner in which you assisted me this afternoon. You have always provided our pets with outstanding medical care, and today was no exception. In her last days, Abby lost control of her bladder, was unable to walk unassisted, and was in significant pain. Her eye sight and hearing have been declining for some time now. Additionally she has some rather large tumors. When she finally reject food and water Sunday, we knew the end had to be near. Abby had suffered considerable pain over the last several weeks and to force her to go on just seemed to terrible to consider. Although it broke our hearts to bring her in, we knew we were leaving her in the hands of caring, loving, gentle people. Had there been a shred of doubt, I couldn't of left her. While her absence leaves a huge void, knowing that she no longer suffers will help, along with the years of happy memories we have of her.I am certain that if not for the excellent medical care she has received from all of you over the years, she likely would not have survived as long as she did. In the end, the caring and compassionate treatment by the front desk staff, made it possible for me to do what i knew had to be done. Again, our heartfelt thanks for everything you have done for her over the years.


Tom & Lonnie Barrick

Wichita, KS 


To our friends at All Creatures,

Thank you for the excellent care you gave to Jordan over the years. We really appreciate your kindness and compassion. We'd like to give a special Thank You to Sharman & Dr. Oehmke. You are wounderful. Thanks again.


Ann, Ken, Carter & Laney Turner


To the Staff,

I would like th thank everyone at All Creatures for taking such good care of Sandy. Because of your special care, I had her over a year longer than I should have. A special thanks to Dr. Sippel and Sharman for making her last few hours on earth as painless as possible. She's in God's hands now, smiling down on us all.

Thanks again,

Laurie Martin


All Creatures Staff,                                                          

Thank you all for the wonderful care you provided for Scout. We really appreciated the phone calls to check up on him and the kindness you demonstrated. Scout was a dearly loved companion and he will be sorely missed. Thank you again for everything!


The Caruth Family

All Creatures,

Thank you for taking care of Sabrina and trying to help her. Sharman thanks you for the special attention you gave her.

Ken & Carolyn Meeske

Dallas 2 Mourning 4/16/2019


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